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State of the State? Unaffordable

California has become more and more unaffordable every year. In fact, since Governor Brown has been in office, taxes have gone up by $15 billion annually.

Hard working California residents are continually being squeezed with more and more tax increases as they try to pay mortgages, rent, food, electricity and gasoline.

Our housing affordability crisis continues to get worse, our traffic congestion will only get worse with no new road capacity being built, despite Sacramento Democrats passing the largest gas tax in state history, and California’s highest poverty rate is the worst in the nation.

The solutions to these critical issues are simple and commonsense, yet Sacramento continues to protect the status quo, which means local families, small businesses, and residents in the Central Valley and throughout California will continue to struggle in a state that is no longer affordable for them.

Vince Fong (R-Kern County) 34th District State Assemblyman

Editor’s Note: Assemblyman Fong released this statement in response to Gov. Brown’s State of the State Address. This response was similar to a slew of responses sent out by Assembly Republicans and was chosen speak for them all.

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