Police Blotter

Police Blotter

June 11 – 27

Arroyo Grande • June 27: A man at The Pit was arrested for being drunk in public. Now that’s the pits. • June 26: A woman on Raspberry was punched in the face...

Police Blotter

Sheriff’s Logs

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Coast Station covers a huge territory, spanning from Avila Beach out to the County Airport and up the North Coast to the...

Police Blotter

May 30 – June 15

Arroyo Grande • June 15: A cluster of mailboxes was stolen on Spruce Street. • June 15: In another episode of people will steal anything, someone made a pack...

Police Blotter

May 13 – June 3

Arroyo Grande • June 3: A woman on Alder Street reportedly purposely drove her car directly at some people. They ran out of the way and she drove into a...

Police Blotter

May 2 – May 21

Arroyo Grande • May 21: Some thirsty fellow opened a bottle of hooch at Food for Less and consumed some of it without intending to pay for it. • May 19: Two...

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