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Second Supermoon Coming This Month


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Happy New Year!  We are in for treat this January with two full moons!  The New Year began with the first of the two, a supermoon, known as the Full Wolf Moon!  Folklore says the Wolf Moon got its name from Native Americans who observed hungry wolves howling at the full moon, but studies show wolves don’t actually howl ‘at’ the moon at all, just at each other. Other folklore suggests people go crazy during supermoons, but studies show that is also not true. Others say supermoons cause natural disasters, also never proven. What we do get during a supermoon is the moon at the horizon will look much larger than normal, (the next full moon will appear 11% larger) and we get extreme low and high tides on our coastline.
The next supermoon, the Blue Moon, will occur on January 31. This is a very special occasion as not only is it the second full moon in one calendar month, but it will also be part of a total lunar eclipse which also makes it a Blood Moon! At the height of the eclipse the moon will appear to be red.

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