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What a Show!


On January 31st the Central Coast was treated to a rare show that hasn’t happened since 1868 and won’t happen again until 2037!

Under a threat of fog and low clouds, the skies were clear and in the wee hours of the morning, beginning at 3:45 a.m. we witnessed a Blue Moon, a Super Moon and a Blood Moon!  NASA referred to it as the ‘Supermoon Trilogy’.

Old Native American Folklore referred to a full moon in January as the Full Wolf Moon. It is also known to some as the Old Moon, the Moon after Yule and the Snow Moon. The Full Snow Moon usually occurs in February, but there are no full moons in February this year, so some applied it to the Jan. 31st moon. A Blue Moon is a 2nd full moon occurring in the same month.  A Blood Moon only happens with a total lunar eclipse which blocks the sunlight from the moon and turns its surface red.  A Super Moon is when a full moon is at its closest to the earth making it appear larger than usual.

The next full moon is on March 1st.Photo and story by

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