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City Looks at New Slogan — ‘Put Life on Coast’

The City of Morro Bay will contemplate adopting a new official town logo and slogan, developed during the efforts to update various City planning documents.
The Tourism Business Improvement District or TBID advisory board was slated to discuss the various proposed town identifiers at its July 20 monthly meeting, but that meeting was canceled for lack of a quorum.
City Tourism Manager, Jennifer Little said she would have the item on TBID’s Thursday, Aug. 17 agenda, set for 9 a.m. at the Vet’s Hall.
In the July 20 staff report, Little asked the board to review the proposed changes and make a recommendation to the City Council for its consideration and eventual approval.
The logo was developed as part of a new directional signage program in the Downtown/Waterfront Strategic Plan, which will ultimately be incorporated into the City’s update of the general plan.
RRM Design developed the various options with the help of the City’s tourism marketing consultant, Mental Marketing, said Little. The TBID, which represents local motels, had nothing to do with the design work.
The new logo is similar to the existing one with some subtle changes, like moving the setting sun to the other side of Morro Rock, but the new slogan is very different.
Currently, the City is using “Discover Your Better Nature,” a slogan that the City copywrited several years ago at the urging of a former TBID board. Morro Bay later, again at the urging of the TBID board, abandoned the “Better Nature” slogan in favor of “Discover Morro Bay.”
But after the 2016 takeover of tourism promotions by the City, which brought the oversight, content, and spending of the assessment monies in-house and led to the formation of a Tourism Department under the Deputy City Manager, they switched back to the “Better Nature,” slogan.
Indeed, the fact that the TBID, which oversaw a non-profit Tourism Bureau and was much more independent before the takeover, wasn’t using the copy-writed slogan, was used as partial justification for the change.
The new proposed slogan is, “Put Life on Coast.”
This is actually the second go-round for a new logo that TBID will have seen. The first was several months ago and was, “an extreme departure from the current logo, which the Board was not in favor of.”
The staff did do some research. Little said, “Research into the Southern California area was done on three tag lines: ‘Put Life on Coast,’ ‘Discover Your Better Nature’ and ‘Eat. Play. Love.’ Put Life on Coast was preferred by 57% of the group.
“The research group was composed of 35 females and 15 males with a household income over $100,000, ages 35-75.”
Apparently that’s all it took to decide to rebrand the city, as TBID is being asked to pick a logo “in conjunction with the tag line Put Life on Coast.”
By Neil Farrell

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