SLO Brew Rock a Dream Concert Venue

Dinner and a Movie

By Teri Bayus

When a passion project is launched, you feel the excitement, and then when it is completed, the entire community falls in line to be a part of this dream coming to fruition, as it is a rarity these days to preserve and succeed.
Luckily, the incredibly talented, driven and fun loving team of SLO Brew has never given up, and we are blessed with a superior concert venue and brewing facility, the restaurant called “SLO Brew Rock.”
As one of the media elite invited to the opening night of this marvelous concert venue, we sampled the chef’s passion, witnessed the extreme bliss of the owners dreams coming true and watched (and heard) a state-of-the-art concert venue that was more than it promised to be.
Building SLO Brew Rock has been a long journey for owners, Hamish Marshall and Rodney Cegelski, and they have succeeded in all of our wildest dreams. Located over by SLO Airport, this fantastic venue has supreme acoustics, stunning architecture and a perfect menu.
We were offered the 30-year celebratory SLO Brew beer, but I opted for a glass of wine. Past appetizers included treats off the menu and a few delights that Chef Thomas Fundaro prepared for us.
Then we gave a toast to the new facilities while the partners told us the story of the long road getting to this grand opening. A tour of the brewing and bottling facilities followed with brew master, Steve Courier. It was evident that everyone here has their heart in this project.
The concert began, and I moved from the back to the front of the venue with the acoustics of this state-of-the-art room blowing my mind. It is perfectly laid out with the largest screen in the back of the band offering music inspired images that added to the fullness of the experience. I will be attending all concerts here, as it is an impeccable venue.
We sat down to enjoy some of the delicacies off the menu, which for me is the giant pretzel. I love this offering. A huge and perfectly made pretzel is offered up with sausages, mustards, fondue, green apple slices, and garlicky broccolini. It is bigger than your head and a flawless concert chow. They have a pretzel bites option on the menu if you want a smaller dose.
Gary had the IPA Baja fish tacos with IPA battered, Alaskan cod, cilantro, lime, and chipotle crema. The cabbage with red onion, radish, and roasted chili salsa was the perfect cover on the crispy fried fish. Served with delectable beans and pickled vegetables, this hand-held delight was delicious.
Our friends, layout genius Christy Serpa and her husband Jeremiah, joined us for the feast. Jeremiah had The Brew burger with a 6-ounce Angus beef patty topped with New York cheddar cheese, onions, greens, and a delectable SLO Brew Whisky BBQ Sauce.
The next phase for the adventurous SLO Brew team is a distillery, and they are using their whisky wisely to make a wonderful sauce. Christy had the street tacos, trying one of each — chicken, beef, and pork — marinated for succulence and flavor, these tacos were served with black beans and flour or corn tortillas.
We shared bacon on a stick and fried Brussels sprouts with honey and lemon and then drifted into listening to the music.
We returned the next morning for Sunday brunch that is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and were thrilled to see a Michelada Carafe on the menu. I am crazy about this tomato, beer and tamarind delight. They also have mimosas for a more traditional brunch.
Staying with the Mexican theme, I had the green chilaquiles and eggs with the wondrous spicy hatch chilies, carnitas pork, fried tortillas, jalapeños, and cotija cheese, all brilliantly topped with fried eggs.
It was perfection in the flavor, spice, and subsistence.
Gary went more traditional with the brioche French toast done Parisian style with fresh raspberries, maple whipped cream and real maple syrup. He wasn’t afraid to drink maple syrup right out of the little carafe. It was a delightful meal, and we will be back for more.
SLO Brew Rock is also home to a 30-barrel brew house, canning line, and tasting room. The Rock features a taproom restaurant, catering kitchen, and event space. The casual setting is centered around “the rock” with extensive landscaping, casual outdoor seating and fire pits.
The Rock boasts one of the largest venues in SLO County for corporate functions, weddings, and other celebratory events. They are open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. SLO Brew Rock is located at 855 Aerovista Pl.; call them at (805) 543-1843.

‘Hunter Killer’ a Manly-Movie Thriller

Since this was a “man” meal and weekend, I acquiesced to seeing “Hunter Killer,” knowing full well it could not be a rom-com with that title.
Gary was ecstatic to see a film about a submarine. Fascinated since boyhood, I find myself roaming these beasts whenever he can get his way on to one.
It was a manly romp and a good action movie with some tense underwater moments. Based on the novel, “Firing Point,” by Don Keith and written for the screen by George Wallace, as in Commander George Wallace (USN Ret.) who served in the Navy for 22 years as an officer on nuclear submarines.
Their knowledge and experience made the movie feel real from start to finish.
The plot is simple; a rogue military element kidnaps the Russian Premier and tries to start World War III.
U.S. special operations forces are sent into the rescue. The actors were all brilliant in their roles, not overacting and making the movie as claustrophobic as the submarine.
Starring Corey Johnson as Capt. Adam James and Gerald Butler as Capt. Joe Glass, this group of hulking men and their support players, stayed the course to keep this thriller on track. But sometimes, it felt like “Boys with Toys.”
It is entirely what you’d expect from a gung-ho movie about American and Russian military hardware and an attempted coup with the Russian State, it was enjoyable from start to finish.
Some scenes were cringe-worthy, but the men in the theater did not care. All the main leads were brilliant in maintaining a narrative impetus, and the relationships between the crew were well constructed and believable. Certainly a boy’s movie on the whole but without being either sexist or patronizing.
Make your Man happy and go see this popcorn thriller, you will both enjoy it!

Teri Bayus is the Host of Taste Buds, shown on Charter Cable Ch. 10 and on Central Coast Now TV. Teri’s culinary erotic book, “Consumed,” is available at: Dinner and a Movie is a regular feature of Simply Clear Marketing & Media.
Teri Bayus can be reached at: or follow her writing and ramblings at: Bayus also hosts Taste Buds, a moving picture rendition of her reviews shown on Charter Cable Ch. 10. Dinner and a Movie is a regular feature of Simply Clear Marketing & Media.

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