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Asian Fusion Comes to Pismo Beach

Some of my favorite culinary terms include dim sum, dumplings, and chow mien. Basically, I like anything Chinese that doesn’t include MSG.

I love Chinese food, but I used to have to travel to San Francisco to get one that was passable as a palate pleaser. Now I am happy to announce that in a little spot off Hinds Way in Pismo Beach an Asian fusion oasis has sprung up. 

At Fay’s Fusion, you can sample conscious Chinese food with a friendly taste of Pismo, offering fries, boba, and slushies with decidedly Asian surfer flair.

Faye and Tao, who migrated from China to America where they decided it was their dream to own an Asian Fusion restaurant, opened Fay’s Fusion in 2015. This husband and wife make a tremendously nice team who make yummy dishes that are unique to the area. 

Faye said they make all sauces, and even the boba tapioca is made fresh there. Each quarter, they add new items to the menu. Just added were a Thai shrimp, pork cutlet, and a curry shrimp rice dish. I had the pork cutlet, with deep fried mashed potatoes and curry gravy; it was wonderful!

I started with a Pismo surfer favorite, the Mandarin firecracker fries with wasabi peas and Hoisin ketchup. These string fries with the roasted pepper dusting were crisp and delicious. 

The Jasmine green tea was perfectly brewed and they had taro milk tea, which I had to try. Gary started with the egg custard tart that was four little flaky piecrusts stuffed with a savory egg custard. He handed one to a surfer who peaked in the window as we sat there watching the sunset over the ocean. 

Next, we tried and I inhaled the Asian sliders. These were boa buns (a steamed yeasty bun with the texture of clouds). These were stuffed with succulent pork, Asian slaw with house-made Mandarin sauce. The sauce is lightly spread on the outside too with a sprinkling of sesame.  

We finished by sharing the crispy chicken rice plate with sesame chicken, bell peppers and onions added. We added some house-made chili sauce for heat and enjoyed a sweet and savory sauce with the sticky rice.

I came for lunch with girlfriends and we all shared and picked at each other’s food. I ordered the assorted gourmet dumplings that were 12 delectable pockets of savory, including shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. 

I love dumplings, so it was hard to share. Served with a homemade Asian slaw and a chili pepper dipping sauce, it was a culinary dream come true for me. Dumplings are stuffed with minced items, then steamed and finished on the pan. I am crazy for them. 

Next, we had the chicken chow mien, a staple in any Asian cuisine and this was chocked full of fresh ingredients and noodles of perfect consistency and taste. There was just enough sauce for a gentle coating. 

We also shared the Ahi and avocado lettuce salad with seared fresh Ahi filet, cucumber wasabi ranch with waffle fries and an Asian slaw. The crowd favorite was the coconut shrimp salad with garlic peppers, red onions a spring mix all tossed with a sweet chili sauce. The large prawns were coated in coconut and fried perfectly.  

We enjoyed all the food as we watched surfers and a family coming in to get sweet treats of boba drinks. Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, boba juice or simply boba) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies are often added. 

The “bubble” refers to the foam created by shaking the tea. I took home for dinner a wanton soup that would cure any ailment and was big enough for two. 

Fay’s Fusion is located at 220 Hinds Ave., in Downtown Pismo Beach. Along with appetizing dishes, they serve authentic fresh iced teas, boba, snow smoothies, and slushies. Their Asian fusion cuisine is big on flavor with a creative twist, all with friendly service and a clean atmosphere. Call them at (805) 270-2915, open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

‘Home Again’ A Welcomed Feel Good Movie

After all the horror films I have endured, I decided it was time for a sweet romantic comedy for my Friday night theater fest.  

I bought a Pinot Noir to bring to this movie because I knew it would be light and a bit sweet. I was thrilled to see it was a young woman like Hallie Meyers-Shyer who directed and wrote “Home Again.” I find it fun to watch someone captain their own ship for the first time. 

Alice (played by Reese Witherspoon) is the only daughter of a famous, philandering screenwriter and director. Her divorced mother, Lillian (Candice Bergen), lives in California.  

When Alice gets a divorce, she decides she wants to be by her mother, and moves her newly split family to her inherited beautiful home of her father. The house is lavish, complete with a plush lawn, gardens and a summerhouse. 

Leaving behind their workaholic father, Austen (Michael Sheen), Alice concentrates on her new career in interior design. On Alice’s 40th birthday she goes a bit wild and meets a trio of young filmmakers, actor Teddy (Nat Wolff), writer George (Jon Rudnitsky) and director Harry (Pico Alexander). 

They were kicked out of their cheap apartment while awaiting news on their film projects. Lots of ups and downs happen, missteps and comic lovelies, but the gist of it is that the three guys move in with Alice and romance ensues. 

I loved this movie. Mainly for the fact that I got to leave the theater smiling and having that warm, lovely glow that you feel after seeing a happy movie. I miss this genre. 

It was sweet and a bit decadent with the yummy younger co-stars and for a while, I got to imagine, “What if?” 

It’s not going to win any major awards for thought-provoking themes, but it will play for years on TBS, on the weekends and ladies will tune in and enjoy it for the feel good movie that it is.

Teri Bayus is the Host of Taste Buds, shown on KSBY Ch. 6 at 3:30 p.m. Sundays and The C-W Ch. 7 at 11 a.m. Sundays, and are available online at:, and Taste Buds Channel on YouTube. Dinner and a Movie is a regular feature of Simply Clear Marketing & Media.

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