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Dinner and a Movie

The Galley — Great Location, Masterful Food Dinner and a Movie

By Teri Bayus 

As I gaze out the picture window and watch sailboats rocking on their moorings, the seabirds using the wind to glide on and the stunning Rock looming in the background, I think this has to be what Heaven on earth is like.
I order a chilled glass of chardonnay and prepare for the best “salad” I have ever consumed. It arrives — a mountain of fresh crab, lobster, and shrimp. Greens layered flawlessly to catch small morsels, and a soft-boiled egg that adds to the succulent flavors — and I devour it.
It is all delightful, and yet it is right here for anyone who makes it to Morro Bay — The Galley Restaurant, excellence in performance, taste, atmosphere, and friendliness.
I am not sure why it took me so long to find The Galley Seafood Bar and Grill, but once I did, it is my treat I offer my- self every time I visit the land of Three Stacks and a Rock.
I talked with head chef Henry Galvez, and he told me they provide the freshest of premium seafood. Chef Henry’s fish philosophy is “Only naked will do.”
Each morsel is a hand-selected seasonal ingredient. The daily menu features a variety of seasonal vegetables grown exclusively for their kitchen from the Chef’s farm in Los Osos. They also boast an impressive selection of world-class wines and a full bar.
The Chef wants you to experience the authentic taste of the highest quality seafood available. They believe that fresh, premium seafood is best served naked, cooked to perfection.
Armed with that knowledge, I ordered the petrale sole, with a butter sauce on the side, and the fish was so moist and flavorful, I barely needed it.
With a wild rice pilaf on the side, and a couple of glasses of Hubert Brochard Sancerre (you have to buy the bottle, but why wouldn’t you?), it was indeed an impeccable meal.
Their wines are served in fine Riedel Stemware, and carefully stored in custom, temperature, and humidity con- trolled wine vaults imported from France.
For the others, a full bar featuring classic drinks and current favorites was a bonus.
My husband had the crab cakes served with a red pepper and herb coulis. He is from the East Coast and takes his crab cakes seriously, and he commented that it was better then he re- membered.
He moved on to the fish tacos with fresh Pacific cod, lightly blackened, that was served with Morro Bay avocado, cabbage, queso fresco, diced tomato, and mild cilantro riata. Fish tacos done right can change your world.
We came back later in the week for dinner with friends, as I wanted to try more items and what better way to do it than eat off your friend’s plates?
We shared a dozen fresh oysters that we impeccable in every sense.
Then we shared the pan seared scallops. These buttery masterpieces were cooked exquisitely and I wanted to order more. However, the exceptional waitress suggested we try the Maine lobster tails. They were prepared with a classic buerre blanc sauce and served with drawn butter, and I had trouble sharing.
Gary, breaking tradition, had the rack of lamp. It was a full New Zealand rack served on top of a Kalamata olive tapenade. Our friends went for the naked fish, trying the salmon and the seared Ahi. I tasted both, and they knocked both out of the park.
We shared the caramel cheesecake and mud pie for dessert as the sun set behind the Rock, painting the sky with a tapestry of colors.
Walking the boardwalk afterwards, we all decided that this was one of the best meals ever. It had to do with location, service and the food.
We had just witnessed perfection on the ocean. I will be back often.
The Galley’s chef work with the finest purveyors to obtain only the freshest seafood from local waters and beyond. They offer guests a variety of fresh fish and shellfish at the peak of their sea- sons and purchase wild-caught fish from Morro Bay’s local fishermen whenever possible.
Visit for lunch and dinner and you will be happy you did. The Galley Sea- food Grill and Bar is at 899 Embarcadero in Morro Bay. Call them at (805) 772- 7777. They are open daily for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and dinner from 5 p.m.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ A Tear-Soaked Trip Down Memory Lane

I loved Queen from the first minute I heard them, while my high school cheerleaders danced around to “We Are The Champions.”
I ran out, bought the album and devoured everything of theirs I could. It was not pop; it was not rock. It was creativity on steroids, and I loved that. For those of us of a certain age, Queen, and especial- ly Freddie Mercury, defined us.
I had goose bumps sitting through this movie. The casting was flawless, and watching the actors playing guitarist Brian May (played by Gwilym Lee) and bassist, John Deacon (Joseph Mazzello, with Ben Hardy as drummer Roger Tay- lor), was like someone had access to a time machine. And watching Freddy was like witnessing a ghost.
Seeing the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” was always going to be a trip down memory lane for me, but I had no idea how it would touch me. I left the theater tear-soaked and dying for more Queen. First, see it at the Fair Oaks Theater (Arroyo Grande), as it is so much better
than the multiplexes.
Second, sneak in wine and get the largest popcorn they have. This is an epic movie adventure and you are absorbed into the screen. It starts with the origin story of the band and does a pronounced job of not focusing on the band-drama that most rock ‘n’ roll biopics do so quickly.
The filmmakers focus on the bond, the creativity of each of the Queens thus giving credit to all members, but as Fred- die did and still does, he steals the show.
Rami Malek as Freddy Mercury was precision. From the prosthetic teeth to his sweet soul, he encapsulated Mercury. British choreographer and movement coach, Polly Bennett, worked painstakingly with Malek to mirror every nuance of Mercury’s mannerisms. Every eye glance,
every body turn, every cocky strut on stage and every flick of the microphone had to be just right. They succeeded. It was uncanny how close he was to the real Freddy. The Live Aid Concert performance was a still-painting reality of the concert, down to the Pepsi cups on the piano. It was stunning in its recreation of this fantastic performance. I came home and watched it on You- Tube, and I could not believe how the show that changed the music industry forever was overshadowed by Queen’s performance.
The critics are panning this film, and like what they said about the song Bohemian Rhapsody when it first came out, they are wrong. This movie was a perfect concert movie, rock ‘n’ roll biopic, and a testament to what a real creative force can create in the world with the right amount of friendship and support. I left this movie a strange combination of elated and sad. Ecstatic to hear the music, watch the story and yet sad that Freddie Mercury was so desperately lonely. Ultimately, I think Freddie would have approved of the whole thing. His genius and flamboyance shone through. I am positively still vibrating from this flawless film.

Teri Bayus is the Host of Taste Buds, shown on Charter Cable Ch. 10 and on Central Coast Now TV. Teri’s culinary erotic book, “Consumed,” is available at: Amazon.
Dinner and a Movie is a regular feature of Simply Clear Marketing & Media.

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