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Flyer on Safety Released

With the recent arrest of an Uber driver for suspicion of burglary, grand theft, sexual assault and rape, the San Luis Obispo Police Department has put together information reminding everyone about personal safety.

According to SLOPD Capt. Jeff Smith, SLOPD and Cal Poly Police Department put the flyer together and have distributed it via social media, in-person contacts and email to the college-aged community.

The flyer details the many ways to enhance personal safety and protect against injury, theft and other crimes. “While the effort began as a means of communicating with the student age community, the tips contained in the document have value to all residents,” Capt. Smith said in a news release.

That last sentiment is especially important, considering the Uber driver that was arrested lived in Santa Maria and had been driving for Uber since last September, with his territory in Santa Barbara and throughout SLO Counties.

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