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Stealing a Pirate’s Dinghy

He’s the unofficial town mascot and while he may be a scurvy dog of a pirate, he’s a victim now, too.

Morro Bay’s “Pyrate Steve,” is a rogue street performer who dons a strikingly detailed pirate costume and wanders Morro Bay, blowing a confounded conch shell, and entertaining all he encounters, posing for pictures and handing out saltwater taffy to kids.

A one-time commercial fisherman, and current live aboard in the harbor, Pyrate Steve relies on the kindness (gullibility?) of the people he encounters to survive. And love him or loathe him, he is one of the more unique and colorful characters haunting the waterfront.

He’s been a regular at local events for years, in particular the Morro Bay Pirates, Mermaids and Sea Creatures Parade, where he normally leads the procession, towing a wooden skiff on wheels, filled with costumed children. He also does this for the Cayucos 4th of July Parade.

It’s been a rough few months for Pyrate Steve, who couldn’t pull the skiff in the Pirate Parade this year due to a painful foot injury, but marched in the parade anyway.

By the Fourth of July, he was healed up and entered the Cayucos parade in true pirate fashion — just jumping in along the route without signing up as an official entry.

The parade was a big hit and Pyrate Steve an amusing addition, even if he was off the reservation, so to speak. 

After the parade, he walked off to get his van leaving his dinghy near the Cayucos Skate Park, and when he returned, some scalawag had stolen it!

The little wooden skiff, painted red and black, weighs about 300 pounds, so stealing it took some effort. Apparently, no one saw who stole it.

And it wasn’t even Pyrate Steve’s dinghy. It actually belonged to another waterfront character, “Boatyard Billy,” which makes Pyrate Steve feel worse about the whole sordid affair.

But his friends have come to his aid and started a Go Fund Me account with the goal of raising $800 to replace the skiff. See: to make a donation. 

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